Our Story

It all started in 2018, When our Multi Passionate Proprietor decided to get into Theatre field and Film Industry in full time, But also he was not ready to sacrifice his Aeronautical Passion,

He came up with an idea of Combining Aeronautics & Theatre having Mr.Yog Jeppe as Mentor, He started off with Paper planes and Mythological Stories and conducted a workshop.

The magic begun, Kids loved the workshop, Slowly the idea got into a structure, people started talking about it media etc etc, Now we are here incubated under IIT Madras's RTBI (Rural Technology Business Incubator), and having a dream to reach every corner of every city village in India and teach every child the Science of Airplane through stories. 

For the benefit of School kids especially for age category of 7 to 15 years.
We strongly believe every child has specific talent and special interest in various things, according to that we can segregate them into groups and train them if they get to learn something new and different, it’s going to register with them strongly., and it will certainly do magic in their future
We have Aeronautical Engineers specialised and trained in field of Paper aero modelling, RC model UAV’s and we would like to feed the same knowledge to the students using simple and basic paper models and wood gliders and Remote models. We are collaborating with various theatre groups and story tellers to make the program interesting and kid friendly.
Our main objective is to enable the students to explore their creativity, coupled with the expanding horizons of space research and development globally with an eye for innovation and technology in the field of Aero Modelling. This will largely help the students to know and get familiarized with the concepts of science involved in the Aircrafts. By attending to this course students will certainly be enabled to fly their own basic paper aero models, Gliders, RC models
This will give them rare opportunity of becoming pilots or aeronautical engineers as the case may be or join the National Defense Academy (NDA) and initiate them into the field of aerospace technology. In these contexts the students can now very well choose aero-modelling as their extracurricular activity as prescribed by CBSE standards. Not only the students will learn a new exciting technology but they will also learn “The use of hand tools, basic flying theory, little bit aerodynamics, etc.”
We provide the latest technology at the right time and at the right age to make the students ready to take on the challenges in their future career.