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Starry Sky


Flying has been the fantasy of people through the ages.  How to make the idea accessible to children, young adults ?

Which age group especially facing the Problem of finding spaces to enhance their knowledge and skills in the area of Aeronautics and Aerospace ?

Its the Children of age 5 to 14 & College students, In some cases adults as well.

What are those students doing about it now ?

1. They find an online / offline shop and buy DIY Physical models to practice in home,

2. Visit planetariums, Science Exhibitions etc.,

3. They get a specialised short span training program like building advanced level Aero models or workshops

4.Other piecemeal activities which are not integrated or customised for children or college students knowledge level.

What Vaayusastra Does???

1. Basic Science rooted to Aeronautics, Aerospace along hands-on science model making activities embedded in mythological sci-fi stories, with theatrical enactments for school children as per NCERT, CBSE, ICSE & NASA curriculum.​

2. An integrated and Hands-on training/Internship program for college students under various electives

segregated by Earth's atmospheric altitude. Vimaan (0km-12km), Agni (12km-160km), Akaash (160km and above), Adhisaya Parimana (3D printing technology), Vaayu (Basic Aerodynamics)

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Feel free to get in touch any time with questions regarding our academics, students, staff, flexible study options and more.

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Kanagam Road, Tharamani, Chennai - 600113

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