Our flexible curriculums are designed with professionals who work in Industry unlike the courses designed by academic experts, its outcome oriented and When students learn something we make sure its getting implemented hands-on then and there.

Vaayusastra methodology is a product of 7 years of Educational & Knowledge transfer research in Aeronautics and Aerospace domain.

No Assessments for students rather the feedback from students perspective in learning after going through our courses taken as assessment from parents/guardians.

Attention span is taken as one of the major point while designing our course, offline is 1.30 hrs and online it is 40 min its achieved by using story telling method of teaching.

Sessions are handled by Aeronautical engineers we always believe education must be taken from professionals there is huge difference between normal person teaching Aeronautics to students and Aeronautical engineer teaching students

For college students its totally hands-on and practical rather theory and marks.

Unlike usual Ed-tech companies who stress on marks, we won't stress on mark we stress on conceptual understanding.

Aggressive marketing is not practised here its 100% learning out of love, more than 50% students continuing for 2+ years and most of our growth is word of mouth.

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